The Best Places To Visit This Spring

The Best Places To Visit This Spring

Here are some of the best places to visit in spring in the USA. When winter finally passes, we are more than impatient to soak in some sun and rest our eyes on green hills and forests. As Mother Nature wakes up, so does our urge to get up and go.

Changing the scenery after months of staying indoors and being surrounded by our four little walls is more than welcome and extremely important for our wellbeing. So, pack a small bag, make sure your family is safely seated in the car, and head over to some of the best places to visit in spring in the USA.

Places to go for spring break

It's not easy to choose among all those beautiful places to go for spring break, given that our country has so much to offer. Still, we made that decision a bit easier for you by giving you a few essential details regarding some of the best places to visit in spring in the USA.


Yellowstone National Park



Yellowstone National Park is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming. Being known for its wildlife and geothermal features, the park is a great place for outdoor activities. Have in mind that the Yellowstone region was inhabited by Native Americans for at least 11,000 years.

And just imagine sitting here on a rock, explaining to your kids how old this place is while gazing into the vastness of hills and canyons. Hot springs and waterfalls are abundant in this area. Wildlife can be seen everywhere but make sure not to come too close.

This is the perfect place to visit with your family in spring given that the park can get crowded during summer. Have in mind that most roads are closed until mid-April. You can go hiking, watch wildlife, ride a horse, or just relax and have a picnic. Bring your campfire and make the experience even more memorable and sweet - with marshmallows.


Moab, Utah



This is another surreal place to visit in spring. Remember seeing photos of those gorgeous red rock formations? Well, head over to Moab, a city in eastern Utah, and then to Arches National Park. Canyonlands National Park can be found in the southwest, the landscape carved by the Green and Colorado rivers. Your kids will be thrilled to hear that there are dinosaur tracks to be seen at various sites.

Arches National Park requires reservations for your vehicle to enter between April 3, 2022, and October 3, 2022. They allow visitors to enter the park during a one-hour window but once you enter, you can spend as much time as you like exploring its red formations.

Why Moab is so family-friendly? Where else can you find a place called Moab Giants Dinosaur Park that was the first of its kind in the world!


Lake Tahoe



One of our favorite places when it comes to landscapes where Mother Nature managed to show off the most, is Lake Tahoe. This large freshwater lake is located in the Sierra Nevada and it is the largest alpine lake in North America. The lake that is formed 2 million years ago is the second deepest in the US.

The water here is crisp clear, making the view of the surrounding mountains just stunning. Being a major tourist attraction, Lake Tahoe is well known for winter sports but outdoor recreations in spring and summer as well.

Take a hike on the northeast side of the lake if driving up to Incline Village. Just remember that there is a $15 entrance fee if you want to check out the Sand Harbor.

Outdoor enthusiasts love to go hiking at South Lake Tahoe for its natural splendor and breathtaking spots.


New Orleans, Louisiana


For those of you who would like to stay in urban areas, New Orleans is a must-see. This city in Louisiana on the Mississippi River is located near the Gulf of Mexico.

Given its round-the-clock nightlife with mesmerizing music, a mixture of cultures and cuisines, the city deservedly bears the name of the Big Easy. You will miss its late-winter carnival called Mardi Gras, but the visit to New Orleans will give a great opportunity to immerse your family into a real French feel.

If you are planning to spend this year's Easter in New Orleans, there will be parades throughout the French Quarter on Easter Sunday. Children under 8 years of age can join an egg hunt at City Park.


Boulder, Colorado

At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado, you will find another beautiful place to visit in spring with your family. While there are art galleries, cafés, restaurants in the downtown pedestrian street of Boulder, there is also an abundance of parks and hiking trails.

The city is surrounded by acres and acres of open space and nature preserves. It's also well-known for its bicycle-pedestrian paths and routes that all of your family members can enjoy together. You can also take a break and start an impromptu campfire with the flick of a lighter, and make some great photos of your kids by the fire.

Boulder's culture scene can be budget-friendly. There is a free University of Colorado museum visit while the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art's admission is $2. Also, make sure to check out the city's murals with over 90 of them scattered around.


Orlando, Florida


And one more thing if you are into urban areas, but beaches as well. Head over to Orlando, Florida with more than a dozen theme parks. They say that one never runs out of things to do in Orlando because of its diverse attractions. On one hand, you can visit Walt Disney World, but on the other, there are so many natural springs, ecotours, trails - that your spring break vacation can get extremely active and interesting.

You might want to try one of the guided canoe or kayak tours. Or, why not just spend a day at Cocoa Beach or Clearwater Beach. Great beaches on the Atlantic Ocean are only an hour away from the city!



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