The Ultimate S'mores Bar Essentials

The Ultimate S'mores Bar Essentials

There are no two ways; food is better when it's cooked and eaten around a campfire. Campers and foodies cannot make one meal any other way but over an open flame. We're talking about S'mores bars. The campfire classic s'mores consist of toasted marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers. Marshmallows cant be toasted to golden brown or charred to perfection by anything but an open flame. Lucky for us, Radiate has multiple styles and sizes of campfire so that we can enjoy s'mores anywhere. Beyond the campfire itself, there are key components that we will highlight for s’mores bar essentials.


A Fire

A campfire is the most important feature of campfire cooking. Depending on the size of fire you need, the Campfire Original provides plenty of burn time, and eight inches across provides plenty of cooking space for your whole camp. If your camp crew is smaller, the Campfire Mini provides the same non-ember smokeless fire in a four-inch area. Perfect for a couple enjoying the stars and each other's company. If the weather outside isn’t cooperating, the Indoor Campfire provides indoor-safe marshmallow roasting in a handsome mini fireplace.



A stick or broken branch makes a great marshmallow roasting tool in the woods. However, breaking branches goes against the "leave no trace" mantra that many campers live by. Furthermore, sticks tend to burn, and in the case of the Radiate campfire, there's no need to add wood fuel. Bamboo skewers work well; the straight profile makes spinning the marshmallow easy, promoting a good even color. Skewers like sticks can burn and are only available in one size. Yes, there are “roasting size” skewers but spending money on a non-reusable three-foot-long piece of bamboo seems foolish. The best choice for marshmallow roasting and s’mores building is a telescoping roasting stick, like the 4-Pcs Stainless Roasting Sticks. They are easy to clean and telescope to allow s’mores builders to be as close or far away from the fire as they need to be.



It wouldn't be a S'mores without the marshmallows. There is some debate between which is best, the Kraft Jet-puffed or Campfire brand. The marshmallow is probably the least important part of a S’mores bar, but we can leave that argument for another day.



The key component of a s’mores bar, the chocolate needs to be able to melt from the heat of the marshmallow and be easy to get onto the graham cracker. For these two key attributes of a s'mores chocolate bar, the top choice is the original, the Hersheys Bar. Sapping the pre-segmented pieces off makes building s’mores so much easier. The classic milk chocolate bar is the most popular, but dark chocolate makes the bar feel a bit more "adult." If you happen to be backpacking in the summer when chocolate bars tend to melt, subbing the bar for a chocolate spread like Nutella is pretty great too.


The Cracker

The Graham cracker is the iteral base of a s’mores bar. The graham cracker breaks along pre-determined lines, perfect for building. The original honey-flavored graham cracker is sweet enough to eat on its own but doesn't overpower the rest of the ingredients. A cinnamon graham cracker is a great choice for those looking to change up the bar. For the ultimate "fancy" s'more, try a mint chocolate brownie brittle square as the base.


This is our list of the s'mores bar essentials, designed for the enthusiast who wants repeat marshmallow roasted greatness whenever. While campers can sub out the ingredients to cater to whos making them, there's no denying that a good campfire and a high-quality roasting stick give the tools needed to create a masterpiece. With this list in hand, it's time to gather your friends, family, or even yourself and start building your ultimate s’mores bar.