The Best Hiking Podcasts

The Best Hiking Podcasts

Best Outdoors Podcast

For those outdoor and hiking lovers out there, when they want something to listen to but can't be on the trail the next best thing is outdoor podcasts. Whether you prefer hiking, camping, or just being outdoors these are some of the best podcasts to tune into when you want to get inspired to explore.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Chances are, if you enjoy the great outdoors you've shopped at REI before. But did you know that REI also has a podcast? Wild Ideas Worth Living is an interview-style podcase where journalist Shelby Stanger spends time with a new guest each episode to hear about their wild outdoor ideas and how they became a reality. These wild ideas will help to inspire your next great adventure.

America's National Parks Podcast

One of the greatest outdoor assets in the United States is the National Park System. Whether you have already explored many parks, or are trying to learn more about them, America's National Park Podcast will take you on a journey of stories, history, and more about our great park locations. Some episodes are as short as 10 minutes allowing for an easy-to-list podcast when you are short on time.

The Trail Show

For those moments when you are looking for a more laid-back podcast that still focuses on outdoor content, The Trail Show is for you. Their motto is "less gear, more beer". This is a comedy podcast that focuses on hiking, gear, and of course beer. This is a monthly based podcast so episodes will be more spaced out, but don't fear they have a decade worth of content for you to enjoy! These podcasts are just the tip of the trail. Available wherever you get your podcasts. Now there are more ways to get your outdoor fix even if you aren't hitting the trails daily.