Roasting Marshmallows with Radiate

Roasting Marshmallows with Radiate


S’mores are the all-time classic treat to have around a campfire, three simple ingredients that never cease to fail. Most stores offer a selection of a few different marshmallow brand varieties, but if you have been buying your groceries online lately, you may have noticed there now seems to be a never-ending choice of marshmallows. So how do you decide which brand to purchase? We had some fun testing the many options online and have compiled a few great choices below to make your marshmallow choice even easier! 



The classic Kraft brand of marshmallows that you know taste great and roast to perfection!  You can purchase them in most stores and even find them conveniently online. Even better, the brand now offers a S’mores sized marshmallow to fit perfectly between your gram cracker and chocolate. Mix up your s’mores with their seasonal holiday flavors or play it safe and buy the original. This brand is a no-brainer.



Two words: VEGAN MARSHMALLOWS. If you have an allergy or follow a strict vegan diet, these are the mallows for you! These marshmallows are all natural and come in vanilla flavoring. Their consistency is very similar to your standard marshmallow brand and can be purchased online for around $6. With over 3,000 reviews and a 4.8 star rating on Amazon, why wouldn’t you check them out?  


Stuffed Puffs

If you want extra chocolate in your s’more or want to leave the chocolate bar out, try stuffed puffs. They are marshmallows stuffed with chocolate. They are sold in several different flavors, including classic with milk chocolate and chocolate-on-chocolate. They are a little closer in price to Dandies at $14.99 for a 2 pack, but how can you not try these whacky marshmallows?


Smash Mallow

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to the standard marshmallow, Smash Mallow is a great option. They do not come in your standard marshmallow flavor but are offered in specialty flavors, like cinnamon churro and cookie dough. They only have 25 calories per marshmallow, are gluten free, and non-GMO. They are still great for s’mores and offer a delicious twist to the classic s’more.



Roasting Marshmallows with Radiate

If you didn’t already know, you can use your Radiate Portable Campfire to roast marshmallows! Just be sure to use the Classic scent, not the Eucalyptus scent. We have put together a step-by-step list on tips to get the perfect, golden-brown marshmallows with your Radiate.

Step 1. Place the marshmallow on your skewer of choice

Step 2. Place the marshmallow next to the flames, do not place directly in or above the Radiate flame.

Step 3. Rotate the skewer for a few minutes, until you have the desired color for your marshmallow.

For further instructions check out our video tutorial here.



Radiate Marshmallow Roasting Skewers

Check out our new marshmallow skewers. They are the perfect addition for every s'mores night.

Our skewers are stainless steel and built to last. They are sold in packs of 4 and come with their own branded carrier bag! Each skewer comes with mini rubber safety caps on the ends to make travel even easier and avoid any injuries on the way to your destination. They even expand up to 45 inches long and are dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

You can't go wrong with these skewers. Get them before they're gone! 




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