The Best Places to Hike This Fall

The Best Places to Hike This Fall

The leaves on the trees are turning shades of red, orange and yellow. The air is cool and crisp. Fall is officially here, and it’s the best time of year to appreciate the beauty of nature.


If you enjoy the outdoors, hiking is the perfect fall activity with everything from scenic mountain top views to breathtaking foliage. So what are you waiting for? Before we know it, it will be time to hibernate for the winter. So lace up those hiking boots and prepare to take in the picturesque sights.


Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of the best hiking spots in each region of the United States to check out this fall.



Acadia National Park, Maine


Acadia is one of the most popular national parks in the USA, and for good reason. There are more than 120 miles of trails to choose from and you won’t find a better spot in New England to see the fall foliage in all its glory. The trails range from easy to navigate with the family to challenging trails intended for experienced hikers. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone at Acadia.



Mount Monadnock, New Hampshire


Mount Monadnock has been cited as one of the most frequently climbed mountains in the world. That’s likely due to the beautiful scenery plus the availability of easy family-friendly trails that are perfect for a day trip. Be sure to pack a lunch and plenty of water, because a hike on Mount Monadnock will take you at least four hours to navigate.


Mount Mansfield, Vermont


Mount Mansfield is Vermont’s highest mountain at 4,395 feet above sea level. It is the most frequently visited mountain in the state with nearly 40,000 visitors each year. When viewed from the east, Mount Mansfield’s summit edge resembles a human face. Its features are named after human features such as the Adams Apple (4,060’), Chin (4,393’), Nose (4.062’), and Forehead (3,940’). This hike isn’t overly difficult, so feel free to take the family for a fun afternoon fall activity.



Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota


Located in northeastern Minnesota, the Superior Hiking Trail is a 300+ foot trail overlooking Lake Superior. This trail often is used for long-distance hiking and trail running, and treats hikers with scenic views such as waterfalls, boreal forests and wildlife. The Superior Hiking Trail can be accessed from over 50 trailheads.


Starved Rock, Illinois


Starved Rock State Park is the most popular state park in Illinois with more than two million visitors annually. There are 13 miles of well-marked hiking trails that are easy to navigate and gorgeous to boot.


Ozark Trail, Missouri


The Missouri Ozarks have over 390 miles of trails ranging from the St. Louis metropolitan area to the Arkansas border. Hiking enthusiasts looking for scenic features such as rushing rivers and fall-colored hills will get everything they are looking for in this beautiful area.



Blood Mountain, Georgia


Blood Mountain is the tallest peak on Georgia’s stretch of the Appalachian Trail with a 4,458-foot summit and is one of the state’s most popular hiking destinations. Take the Byron Reece trailhead north of Neel’s Gap to the summit and experience one of the most breathtaking views in the country.



Mount Mitchell, North Carolina


Mount Mitchell’s summit of 6,684 feet makes it the highest point east of the Mississippi. Hikers can experience the mountain’s beauty with short hikes near the summit or take a more challenging route through the wilderness.


Mount Cammerer, Tennessee


This 4,928 mountain is located on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina and is a wildly popular hiking destination in the fall. Mount Cammerer is known for the bright red, yellow and orange leaves that cover the trees in its surrounding forest, making it a bucket list item for hikers on the search for the top scenic views in the U.S.




Zion National Park, Utah


Zion National Park is a 229 square-mile park in southwestern Utah characterized by its canyons, namely Zion Canyon. Between the red-rock desert and wondrous forests, there is so much to discover in this United States landmark. With more than 35 hiking trails and cliffs about 2,000 feet above the canyon floor, there is so much to be discovered at Zion.




Grand Canyon Trails, Arizona


The Grand Canyon isn’t just a sight-seeing tourist trap. There are a number of hiking trails for those looking to make the most out of their trip. Just be prepared before you start hiking the Grand Canyon as the trails can be a bit more challenging than your average hike.


White Sands National Park, New Mexico


If you live near southern New Mexico or happen to be traveling near the area, you have to check out White Sands National Park. The white sand dunes are unlike anything you have seen before and bring an entirely new experience for even the most avid hikers. It’s the perfect hiking destination whether it’s the middle of fall or the start of winter.


Aspen, Colorado


You simply can’t go wrong with hiking in Aspen. From the Smuggler Mountain Trail to the more difficult Ute Trail, you will get stunning views of Aspen that photos don’t do it justice. Not to mention there will be plenty of fall foliage to peep at.  Aspen should be on the bucket list for all hiking enthusiasts.



Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Grand Teton offers stunning views that belong on a computer desktop or screensaver. They don’t even seem real. But when you see them up close and personal, their beauty is more real than anything else in the world. With extraordinary wildlife, lakes, foliage, and alpine terrain, hiking Grand Teton is a dream for many.


Yosemite National Park, California


Last but definitely not least, Yosemite has it all. Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America and is surrounded by high granite summits and dense forests. While Yosemite is often filled with tourists, it still makes for a can’t-miss hiking destination for those looking for the most beautiful scenery in not just the country, but the world.


No matter where you choose to take your hiking trip, it’s important to be prepared. If you want to take a rest on your hike and take in the view, our Radiate Portable Campfires are excellent for hikes, especially the Campfire Mini, as they are light and compact enough to fit in any backpack. All you need to do is bring some matches to ignite the campfire and you’ll be ready to sit back and camp out at any time while you experience some of the most gorgeous views in the USA.



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