Spring Picnic Essentials: Mother's Day Edition

Spring Picnic Essentials: Mother's Day Edition

Mother's Day is a great way to bring family together at the dinner table, but also to celebrate our mothers and everything they have done for us throughout our lives.

Every year we try to think of the best way to celebrate their motherhood by gifting something special. But, what if you can make this occasion even more special by making your mom remember her day always?


Mother’s Day Ideas

The majority of us will get a holiday card and buy something our mom will like. Traditionally, we will have brunch or dinner together. Why not try something else this year?

Have you considered having a picnic on Mother’s Day?

It can be organized outdoors in a camping area, at the beach, while hiking, etc. but you can easily have a picnic in your backyard. Just imagine your mom’s sparkling eyes when you try to get her to talk about all your mischiefs as a child while you’re making s’mores together. She's sure to love a day dedicated to spending time together. 


Picnic Essentials

Here are the picnic essentials you should consider having on hand for your picnic celebration. 


Baskets and Coolers

If you are taking your mother on a trip, you will definitely need something to transport your food in and to keep your drinks cold. She will love a traditional picnic basket but make sure it’s not too heavy to carry. 



If you are staying home, consider creating a nice picnic setting in your backyard or garden. Even if you are off to a nearby park, you'll want plenty of comfortable blankets and pillows to sit on outside.  If you do not wish to sit on the ground directly, be sure to have plenty of comfortable outdoor seating available for everyone. 

Plates & Utensils

You can make your picnic more casual with disposable cups, utensils, and napkins if you're on the go, or even if you are staying in your backyard. Disposible options offers minimal cleanup after the picnic. However, if you host family and friends often, you may want to invest in reusable outdoor plates and cups to help reduce your carbon footprint. There are so many colors, patterns, and matching sets to choose from online and at nearby retail stores.  Just don't forget to bring utensils and napkins! 


Bottle Opener

This item is deservedly separated from the rest since it’s one of the things we tend to forget the most. It won’t be a problem if you can make a quick visit to your kitchen but if you take your mom elsewhere, chances are that your bottle of wine will stay in your trunk because you didn’t bring an opener. And the toast you were planning on giving just won’t be the same with a bottle of water!


Food and Drinks

When it comes to food and drinks, be sure to prepare your mom's favorite brunch or dinner recipes. You can opt for bite size snacks or casserole style dishes that serve large groups. It's always better to have more food than not enough. And don't forget to have water and your mom's preferred beverage available to serve.


Consider bringing some flowers for your mom. Put them in a vase ahead of time and place them on the table after you gift them so they double as a centerpiece. More importantly, when it comes to picnic must-haves, you will want a campfire. A campfire is perfect for a spring day to keep your guests warm and double as an activity. Reminisce with mom about old memories around the campfire, or make s'mores for a fun dessert! Choose Radiate Portable Campfire so you don't have to worry about buying campfire wood. Simply light the paper briquettes to enjoy your campfire right away! Even if you choose to head to a local park, you can easily pack your Radiate and enjoy 3+ hours of burn time. 



Insect Repellent

Keep in mind that depending on the weather, you might need to consider bringing something to prevent mosquito and insect bites. If insect repellent isn't necessary in your backyard, try our Radiate Eucalyptus Campfire. It helps naturally keep bugs away with eucalyptus, lemon, and soybean oil. Don’t let mosquitos affect your lovely Mother’s Day idea.


Clean Up Essentials

If you are going to a public park with picnic tables, be sure to bring some paper towels to clean the surface you are going to use. Sanitizer and hand wipes can also come in handy, especially if you have little ones with you. Another item that is often forgotten on a picnic is the trash bag. Often times trash bins are full or not in close proximity to your spot in the park. Trash bags can be a perfect solution. These essentials are very important if you are going away for a picnic because they will leave the place as clean as you found it. And you can always tease your mom about how well she thought you to take care of the environment.


Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms

So here's your list of picnic essentials for Mother's Day. Try not to overpack, be smart and responsible, and make your mom smile a lot. The experience is what counts. She will love you even if you don’t remember all the things you should bring, and that’s another great thing about moms. And another reason to try even harder and make her day memorable.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!




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