Outdoor Fall Activities to Enjoy Now

Outdoor Fall Activities to Enjoy Now

The blistering summer heat is now a faint memory, and cooler temperatures are starting to roll across much of the country. The sweeping views of autumn foliage, crisp air, and brilliant blue skies are all the motivation you need to take your family outdoors.


Instead of hunkering down indoors, dig out your sweaters and step outside. Below is a host of fabulous outdoor fall activities to make the most out of this special time of year.


Lace-Up Your Boots and Hit the Trail


There’s just something about the fall that goes hand-in-hand with hiking. There are gorgeous colors, the temperatures are cooler, the bugs are gone, and the crowds are thin, all creating ideal hiking conditions.


To make it fun for your young ones, choose a hike that isn't strenuous and make sure it has breathtaking features–waterfalls, creeks, wildflower meadows, or a lake. Pack snacks and fluids, take enough breaks, and give your kids the time to discover and examine things along the trail. And don’t forget to bring extra layers.

Pro tip: bring a Radiate Portable Campfire Mini to enjoy at the top of the mountain or somewhere to rest and take in the amazing views. All you need to do is bring some matches with you to light it and wait for it to cool before packing back up in a bag. 


Have One Last Campfire of the Season


Before the snow flies and it becomes impossible to go outdoors, plan a family campfire. Just picture it: pitching a family tent in your backyard, singing classic songs under the stars, and roasting endless amounts of s’mores with the people you treasure. And when it’s just about bedtime, you share some spooky nighttime stories. That’s the beauty of camping.


But at the heart of every camping experience is a glowing and cozy fire. Instead of having to gather firewood, or building a makeshift fire pit in your yard, get the Radiate Campfire Original. This portable campfire is as easy to light as a candle, does not emit the smoky smell of a standard campfire, and doesn’t leave a mess behind. Use it to create ambiance or to roast marshmallows. 


Attend a Harvest Festival at a Local Farm


Kick off fall by experiencing a unique harvest celebration. This season, many farms transform the properties into an autumnal haven. Your kids will love the hayrides, wagon rides, pony rides, corn mazes, and farm tours. You’ll enjoy the music and baked treats while sipping on a delicious fall beverage.


Want something discreet away from crowds? Visit a local U-pick farm. This is a farm where you do the harvesting yourself. Picking pumpkins and naturally grown fruits, like apples, are activities your kids might remember for the rest of their lives. After you pick your own pumpkins or apples, you can bake a pie or carve the pumpkins together for another fun fall activity.  


A Scavenger Hunt to Collect Items for Seasonal Décor


A scavenger hunt is the perfect fall outdoor activity. At this time of the year, everything seems a little more beautiful than normal, and there is so much to collect. You can create a list of items to discover depending on your location and let your kids go on the hunt.


A good place to play the game is at the local park or on a hiking trail. Focus on finding autumn-related items like gorgeous leaves of all hues, pine cones, and twisty twigs. Using the treasures, you create a beautiful wreathe, a leaf artwork, or a bouquet. This activity will allow everyone to stretch, explore around, get creative, and have fun.


Take an Autumn Bike Ride


Biking in fall provides a diverse visual feast for nature-loving families. If you cycle along the country roads regularly, you’ll get the chance to see the leaves changing from green to gold. To have a fulfilling day on the saddle, pick a cycling location that's free of traffic, get everyone a helmet and bring some layers.


To make the event more exciting, invite your kids’ friends, choose a destination that’s beautiful and easy to get to, pack a delicious meal, and allow everyone to have lots of rest. You can also reward their effort with a trip to the movies or a favorite restaurant.


Pack for a Fall-Themed Picnic


When autumn approaches, you might think that it’s time to put away the picnic basket. Not so fast. In fall, the weather is still mild, and you can still have a memorable family picnic. In fact, it’s an incredible season for sharing a meal outside–the temperatures are ideal, the pesky bugs are gone, not to mention splendid scenery.


Head to your local farm and gather up supplies to make some yummy seasonal treats. Bring two blankets and pack your basket with grapes, raspberries, apple cider, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, and sausages. To stay occupied on your picnic, play a board game, bring a baseball glove and a few balls, or fly a kite. And why not pack a small portable campfire like the Radiate Campfire Mini to roast some marshmallows over?


Get Out on the Water


The end of summer doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to water activities. In fact, there are so many amazing boating activities to engage in. In autumn, fish are actively feeding in preparation for winter, increasing your chances of hooking a record-breaker.


Apart from fishing, you can rent a houseboat boat, pack it with all essentials, cruise to a remote spot, and spend a night with your family out in the water. At sunrise, drive the vessel to a perfect leaf-peeping location. The reflection of the vibrant colors in the water is equally magical, so be sure to pack your camera to snap lots of photos.


Try Bird Watching


Fall provides an excellent opportunity to view migrating birds you may not otherwise get a chance to see. When the weather starts to get colder, millions of birds head south from their northern breeding grounds. Bring along the binoculars and your camera to capture views of flocks flying under the glorious evening sun.


You don’t have to visit a national park to witness this natural wonder. You can do it from the comfort of your porch. It’s a fun activity that will help your kids learn more about birds and their daily activities. Let them draw the birds, collect feathers and get them to help you build a birdbath.


Enjoy the Colorful Season Outdoors


Looking for family fall activities while the foliage is at its peak? There are so many activities to keep you busy all season long. From hiking, biking, backyard campfires to watching the birds in the sunset, there’s a lot to add to your autumn outdoor bucket list.


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