Fun Ways to Soak Up the Last of Summer

Fun Ways to Soak Up the Last of Summer

Summer has come and gone by in a blink of an eye, but it isn’t over just yet!

We still have a whole month left before the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to change from green to yellow and orange. That’s plenty of time to take advantage of the beautiful sunny days you will be longing for when the weather is cold and outdoor activities are limited.

Hopefully, you already have lived your summer to the fullest. But if you are still looking for ways to create lasting summer memories, here are a variety of excellent ways to soak up the last of summer with family and friends.

Spend time at the beach

By now, you probably have already been to the beach this summer. Even if that’s the case, there is no better way to enjoy the final month of summer than relaxing on the sand with an ocean breeze. If you've gone to the same beach all summer, try exploring a new beach this time! 

From going for walks, to playing games, swimming, reading, or even just napping in your comfy chair, there are a seemingly endless number of ways to enjoy your time at the beach. Another perfect activity is setting up a campfire in the evening when the sun starts to get down, which can easily be done with our Radiate Portable Campfire. Don't worry about lugging firewood with you and setting up a makeshift fire pit, simply light the paper briquettes and you will have 3+ hours of campfire fun. Try our Classic 8" or the Campfire Mini at 4". 



Go camping for the weekend

What better way to cap off an unforgettable summer than a weekend camping trip with loved ones?

Get yourself a tent, pack some food and have yourself a relaxing couple of days surrounded by nothing but nature. Put your phones and other forms of technology to the side and take out the cards and board games for that quality family time. At night, you can set up the Radiate Portable Campfire, kick back, and tell some scary stories while roasting delicious marshmallows.  It doesn’t get much better than that.


Pick your own fruit

Sure, you can go apple picking during the fall, but during this last month of summer you can pick more variety of fruits. Grab your friends or family and head to your local farm to pick some delicious fruit, like peaches, strawberries, blueberries and more! 



Go hiking

Hiking makes for a great fall activity, but why wait? There is no better way to take in the beautiful weather and enjoy the scenery than a nice hike. If you are wondering which hiking spot may be the best for you, we listed a bunch of outstanding hiking destinations in our summer bucket list! Don't forget to wear the proper shoes to hike in and bring all the essentials you may need with you. Check out this hiking essential list before you go. 


Have a backyard picnic or BBQ

Don’t feel like traveling all the way to the beach? Looking for ways to enjoy the last of summer from the comfort of your own home? Then a backyard picnic or barbeque is perfect for you! 

Invite your friends and family over to cook all your favorite summer barbeque recipes and simply enjoy each other's company. With our Radiate Portable Campfire, you can literally take the camping experience to your backyard. Roast some marshmallows over the classic, unscented campfire, or use our Eucalyptus Campfire to keep the bugs at bay. It is perfect for both small get-togethers and larger gatherings with friends and family.



Find a new park to picnic in

No matter how much you have done this summer, there is always another way to enjoy a warm, sunny day. We mentioned a backyard picnic, but if you are feeling a bit more adventurous then why not venture out and explore a new park? Bring your own food, a blanket, some fun games, and of course your Radiate Portable Campfire and you’ll have yourself a perfect day of summer fun. 

Go kayaking or paddle boarding

It is not a complete summer without some fun in the water. Kayaking and paddle boarding are two can’t-miss summer activities you will be wishing you enjoyed when the colder months come around. Head over to your local lake or pond -- or check off multiple boxes on this list by heading to the beach -- and take your kayak/paddle board for a spin. If you do not own a kayak or paddle board, there  almost certainly will be plenty of locations nearby where they are available to rent for the day. We recommend going with a friend for added fun. 



Read a book from your summer bucket list

There are few things in life more relaxing than sitting back and enjoying a good book. Better yet, sitting back and enjoying a good book in the sun and/or by the water. Hang out in your favorite chair or hammock and kick back with a book, even if it's just for an hour. 

If you have a book you have been wanting to get around to reading, now is the time to check it off your list. Whether it’s by the beach, on your camping trip or at your backyard picnic, there are several ways to soak up the last of summer while getting your reading time in.


Hit up a drive-in theater movie theater before it gets too cold

Drive-in theaters are not a thing of the past. In fact, they have never been more in!

A movie night out with your significant other, or even with the whole family, is a perfect way to wrap up the summer. Get some snacks and refreshments, grab a blanket or two, and get in the car to check out a movie at your nearest drive-in before it’s too chilly to do so.


We hope this helps you make a few more summer memories before this season is over! 



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