Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day only a few weeks away, we’ve put together a gift guide in case you are still struggling to find the perfect gift for your dad. From simple to fancy, we have something every dad will be sure to appreciate!

Radiate Portable Campfire (and Skewers!)


    Yes we are listing our Radiate Portable Campfires because they truly are perfect for dads! Sure, maybe your dad enjoys chopping wood and starting his own campfire every now and then, but why not give dad a break today and start the fire yourself! All you have to do is light a few of the paper briquettes to ignite this campfire! It’s so simple and can be snuffed out just as easily by sliding the lid over the flames.

    Radiate portable campfire will burn 3+ hours and can be re-lit if you did not burn it all the way through on the first use. This sleek portable campfire is sure to impress! Not to mention, they are made from recycled materials, so you can show dad you care about him and the environment!

    Get him some of our skewers to pair with the campfire and start making s’more memories with him today!

    Price Point: Under $30



    A Massage Gun

      A massage gun is a must have this year. It’s easy to use by yourself or you can have someone else control it. A massage gun is an investment, unlike a standard massage at a spa. Your dad can recharge this device to reuse whenever he needs it. He can focus on specific muscles and pin point knots easily with any of the hand held massage guns available online and in stores. They all typically come with six plus massage heads for versatility. So whether your dad is a workout buff or simply gets sore after a long day of yardwork, this gift is something he will be sure to appreciate.

      Price Point: $30-200



      New Tools

        Not only are tools a classic gift for dad, but they are also practical. You don’t have to invest in an entire tool kit, but perhaps there is a specific tool he is missing from his collection or one he needs for a new project. Take a stroll down the tool aisle at your local hardware store or shop online. There are so many options across a multitude of tool brands.  from professional grade tools to the average homeowner.

        Price Point: $20+



        Tech Accessories

          Let’s talk electronics. They are everywhere, from cellphones to laptops and wireless earbuds to smart watches, and more. Your dad probably has at least one or two of these electronic devices he uses throughout the week. So why not get him something to compliment the electronic device he already has? You can find just about anything from earbud cases to watch chargers to cell phone wallets and holders for in his car.  While this is a practical gift, you can find a lot of cool, quirky accessories that pair well with the exact device(s) he owns. Make his life easier with something he’ll use all the time and probably didn’t even know he needed.

          Price Point: $10+



          A Custom Item


            Custom items make great gifts because it shows the thought you put into the gift. You can customize anything from a coffee mug to a t-shirt and more. Put Dad’s favorite corny joke on the item or the logo to his favorite sports team. Whatever customization you think he will love and appreciate is on the table for this gift. Check out Etsy or Amazon for lots of customization options!


            Price Point: $10+            



            A Gift Card or Tickets

              When in doubt, get him a gift card. Contrary to popular belief, gift cards aren’t boring. Many people love them because they can get whatever they want with it! Easy option are to his favorite store or restaurant, but why not get creative with it? You can purchase gift cards for experiences and tickets for events, perhaps to his favorite sporting event. Bonus: snag two tickets and you get to go with him! If he’s more of the adventurous type, check out his favorite airline for gift card options. The great thing is you can spend whatever is within your budget for Dad on this gift.


              We hope this helps you make a decision on what to get for your dad, or any father figures, in your life. Whatever you choose, he’s sure to appreciate the thought. Just don’t forget the card!

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