Camping Essentials: 11 Must Have Supplies for Your Next Camping Trip

Camping Essentials: 11 Must Have Supplies for Your Next Camping Trip

Although camping has always been popular, it is becoming even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are many months into COVID-19 quarantine and by now you probably just want to break free of the tiny bubble you have cut out for yourself in your home and venture out!

Camping out in nature can be a fulfilling way to get out of your house and enjoy yourself. Getting outdoors in the fresh air and taking in nature’s beauty is healthy and beneficial, both physically and emotionally. Along with relieving stress, getting out in the fresh air is said to boost your mood, provide ample exercise, and give your body some natural vitamin-D, which is essential to your health. Above all, camping is just plain fun. Plus, being able to explore nature and the back to basics kind of lifestyle for a few days is so rewarding.


Camping COVID-19 Style

Camping is truly a good time for all ages! It’s a something that many people enjoy doing alone, while others like to go out in close knit groups. Camping can be enjoyed virtually anywhere and now, as many people avoid traveling and airports, coupled with the fact that many attractions are closed or operating at partial capacity, camping is the perfect activity.  For an optimal camping experience, no matter where your destination may be, you have some obvious essentials, including deodorant and your toothbrush. However, there are other essential items to mention that will ensure you to have a good time with ease and practicality.


Radiate Campfire

Hands down, our Radiate Campfire is sure to provide all of the perks of a campfire without struggle, hassle, cleanup, and compromising safety. Our Radiate Campfire packs it all in: it’s portable, mess-free, and practical! There is no worrying about how you plan to get the fire started and no stressing over kindling the fire. It is no-nonsense without the need to clean up ash and soot or to bring anything else along except the Radiate and a match or lighter. It almost sounds too good to be true!

But what is a Radiate Campfire? Radiate Campfires are essentially a campfire in a tin can. They are comprised of recycled wax and contain three to five hours of burn time per unit. They come unscented or in a eucalyptus scent for an added bonus. Here’s another perk: they’re reusable. All you have to do is slide the tin lid over the top to extinguish the flame and relight it again when you are ready. You do not have to worry about dealing with embers, smoky scents, or lugging around firewood to build the perfect campfire for your camping journey.


Camping Chairs

Whether you are camping in the comfort of your backyard, on a beach, or in a campground, a comfortable chair is essential! If camping in your yard, Adirondack chairs pack in all day comfort and practicality. For most, the whole point of venturing out into the great outdoors is to catch a break from everyday life. This means kicking back and relaxing. Adirondack chairs allow for a roomy and spacious seat while you socialize and sit around the campfire (maybe even a Radiate Portable Campfire)! Another comfortable and more compact option for when you don’t have a ton of space is the Flexlite Air Chair.


Sleeping Bags

For a comfy snooze beneath the stars or cuddled up in your camping tent, you will be happy to have brought along a sleeping bag. It’ll keep you warm and comfortable after a long and enjoyable day in the great outdoors. When choosing a sleeping bag, definitely make sure to consider the season you’ll be camping in and what your sleeping bag is rated at. The wrong type of sleeping bag in the dead of winter can leave you cold and unable to get a good night’s sleep.



Although it’s pretty hard to forget, a tent is essential, unless you have a trailer or camper that is! Always double-check that you’ve packed the tent because without it, you and your family may not be happy campers.  Another key component of the tent to always remember to double-check, is the poles for your tent so you can actually use it.  This tent by Coleman is highly reviewed and claims it can be set up in one minute!




Water is an essential that sometimes goes forgotten. Some campsites do have public water access, but if you are going a little more remote this camping trip, you may be missing out on access to clean water. Be sure to bring some gallons or cases of bottled water along with you.


S'mores Ingredients and Skewers

What is a camping experience without s’mores? Don’t forget to bring along the skewers, marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate! Did you know Radiate will be relaunching our very own skewer sets? Be on the lookout for them soon as they will make the perfect addition to any camping list for s'mores. There is no better memory than gathering around the campfire at night and whipping up some tasty s'mores. Even if you are backyard camping, adding some s’mores to the mix will create that nostalgic camping feel even when you’re close to home.


Medical Supplies

Just in case! Having medical supplies on hand is always important in case of an accident or emergency.  Bandages, gauze, painkillers, hydrogen peroxide, and Benadryl are some essentials to be sure you have on hand for those “oops” moments.


Bug Spray

When venturing outdoors to escape it all, often times you will find yourself alongside mosquitoes and other pesky bugs that may bite. Be sure to have bug spray with you to combat those pests! For some, deet is the only thing that works, so be sure you have experimented at home to find your favorite bug spray before heading out to go camping. If you’re looking for a less toxic deet-free alternative, try All Terrain Herbal Armor.



Bringing along some UV protectant is pertinent to protect your skin and ward off a nasty sunburn. While hiking and fishing, you can feel protected knowing that you brought along the sunscreen! We’re pretty partial to reef-safe options like Sunbum.




Don't forget to pack a cooler! It sounds silly, but bringing along a cooler is not always at the top of everyone’s list. For some, they figure they will just pick up food on the way out, but after setting up camp, hiking, and sitting out all day, you're sure to work up an appetite. Keep your perishable food safe with a sturdy cooler like this one by Coleman that claims to keep ice up to five days.


Air Mattress

For some, a sleeping bag may not cut it. They just need some extra cushion to be comfortable. Bringing along an inflatable air mattress will surely save your back from uneven and tough ground and can pretty much guarantee a good night’s sleep on your camping trip. Comfort is key! A basic air mattress like this one will generally do and is steps above sleeping on the ground.


Ensuring that you packed all the essentials when getting ready for your next camping trip is key! Getting all the way to your destination and realizing you forgot something can be frustrating, so we hope this list can serve as a checklist to help you make sure all of your bases are covered for an enjoyable camping trip.



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