7 Podcasts to Download Before Your Next Hike

7 Podcasts to Download Before Your Next Hike

Although talk radio has been popular for decades, the concept of podcasts first emerged in 2004. If you’re not familiar with the format, podcasts are spoken word digital files that typically are released as a series, whether they be limited or ongoing. There are podcasts that focus on almost every subject imaginable, and whether you’re interested in true crime, sports, or pop culture, you’ll be able to find a podcast that interests you.


This curated list contains podcasts that are on the topic of hiking and the outdoors, or they’re perfect to listen to while you’re hiking!




Dirtbag Diaries

This podcast was launched in 2007 by host Fitz Cahall and covers the stories of real people. It describes itself as “the original outdoor adventure podcast” and you can hear stories from adventurers of all types. Dirtbag Diaries currently has a library of 250 episodes which makes it a great option for longer hikes as it’ll take you a long time to run out of content. You can also listen out of order without losing much context so it’s easy to go through and pick the topics that look the most interesting to you.


Available On: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify


Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs is a BBC podcast that has a long history as it first aired as a radio program. The show was first created in January of 1942 and since then there have been over 3,000 episodes created. The host of the show, currently Lauren Laverne, interviews a guest, called a “castaway” and asks them to choose eight recordings, one book, and one luxury item that they would want to have with them if they were to be stranded on a deserted island. Notable past guests include Daniel Radcliffe, David Attenborough, Malala Yousafzai, and Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon (the sister of Queen Elizabeth II).


Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, Stitcher



You’re Wrong About

While not explicitly about hiking or the outdoors, You’re Wrong About is a fascinating podcast hosted by journalists Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall. In each episode, the duo covers a famous event or concept that the general public is often misinformed or otherwise incorrect about in some way. They have covered topics such as the Bill Clinton Impeachment Trial, the Newsboys Strike that inspired the film Newsies, and they have several multi-part series on topics such as Tonya Harding and the OJ Simpson Trial. You can listen to this podcast in any order you’d like, so you can pick whichever piques your interest. This podcast is great for hiking alone.


Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify


The Horror of Dolores Roach

While the most well-known podcasts tend to focus on real-life stories, there are some exceptional options out there that focus on fictional storytelling. One particularly great example is The Horror of Dolores Roach. This podcast from Gimlet Media currently consists of two seasons and stars Daphne Ruben-Vega who is best known for originating the role of Mimi Marquez in the musical Rent. The story follows Dolores Roach, who has returned to her neighborhood after sixteen years in prison, only to find that it has changed considerably. She finds that the one thing that is still familiar is her friend Luis and his empanada shop. With a story that makes clever nods to the story of Sweeney Todd, this fictional horror podcast will provide you with hours of entertainment.


Available On: Spotify



Out There

If you’re interested in a more philosophical look at what experiencing the outdoors can do for you, the podcast Out There is perfect for you. The host, Willow Belden, covers stories from individuals who had a particularly influential and transformative experience while they were hiking, backpacking, or adventuring outdoors in some way. This podcast can be great to hype yourself up before your hike, but it can also help you focus and inspire you while you’re on a solo trek as well. Every episode has something to offer, but their website has a curated Best Of list if you’re looking for a place to start.


Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify


America’s National Park Podcast

Each episode of this L.L. Bean-sponsored podcast focuses on either a specific National Park or on some recent news concerning the National Park system. The episodes are bite-sized, ranging in length from 14 minutes to 35. This inspiring podcast can give you ideas about which park you should check out on your next adventure.


Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, Stitcher, Audible




The First 40 Miles

This hiking and backpacking podcast is great for beginning outdoor adventurers, but those who are more experienced will find something to love here. Host Heather Legler gives tips and shares stories that are designed to help people get out there and try hiking and backpacking for the first time. The episodes cover topics like stoveless cooking (episode 190) and zero-waste backpacking (episode 164).  This podcast ended in 2018, but all 214 episodes are still available and are essential listening before you head out on your wilderness adventure.


Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify


These podcasts can provide you with entertainment while you hike or give you inspiration about where you should head next. Either way, downloading some great podcasts can be a great step prior to a hike, especially if you’re heading out on your own.



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