10 Indoor Winter Activities for Your Family

10 Indoor Winter Activities for Your Family

When the weather is cold and rainy, families are forced to find indoor activities. If your children are young, spending days at a time cooped up in your home may leave you scrambling for ideas to keep everyone entertained.

We's put together ten indoor winter activities for you and your family to enjoy this season, despite inclement weather.

  1. Indoor Camping

Indoor camping is a big favorite for many families. Whether you build a fort or set up a ten indoors, create your family’s camping space. If you’re really dedicated to the indoor camping experience, the whole family can spend the entire night sleeping in the tent together!

You don’t have to be camping outdoors to enjoy a campfire. Use an indoor portable campfire to roast hotdogs and marshmallows. When you’re finished eating, sit and tell stories around the campfire. Our indoor portable fireplaces run on isopropyl alcohol and stay lit for about 60 to 90 minutes at a time. You can find them online here.



  1. Scavenger Hunt

Indoor scavenger hunts are a fun way to entertain your kids for longer periods of time. Parents (or older children) can create clues and hide them around the house. When the children have found all the clues, it will lead them to a spot that contains a prize.

Prizes can be just about anything: sweet treats, a new toy, or even a coupon for extra screen time. Most of the fun comes from actually going through and figuring out the clues. As your children get older, you can use increasingly difficult clues.


  1. Indoor Hopscotch

Bring this traditional indoor game inside to help your children burn off their extra energy. Use painter’s tape or popsicle sticks to mark a hopscotch course for your children to enjoy. You can create longer and more difficult courses if your children are up for a challenge.

You can also hand the supplies over to your children and let them make their own hopscotch courses. Best of all, the painter’s tape or popsicle sticks can be picked up quickly when it’s time to clean up after a day filled with fun.


  1. Sumo Wrestling

Kids love to wrestle, making this activity a hit with most kids. Your children can enjoy getting out their energy in a fun and controlled environment with indoor sumo wrestling.

Wrap pillows around their bodies and pull an adult t-shirt over them, holding the pillows securely in place. This turns them into sumo wrestlers. Not only will your kids have fun wrestling, but the whole family will enjoy watching and laughing with them. For some extra fun, create a scoreboard and hold a sumo wrestling tournament!


  1. Roast Marshmallows

You don’t have to be camping to roast marshmallows! If you like the idea of indoor camping (idea #1 on this list) but don’t want to go through the extra effort to set up a camp site, you can focus on enjoying an indoor campfire with your family.

Roast marshmallows over an indoor portable campfire and use them to make s’mores. If you want to combine the outdoor camping fun with indoor winter vibes, you can even roast marshmallows to add to your hot chocolate!



  1. Build a Reading Nook

Find or make a comfortable spot for your whole family to enjoy reading books together. You can check out lots of books from your local library or dig into your personal collection. Children will enjoy making a fort out of pillows and blankets. Reading is made fun when they have a cozy spot to enjoy their latest book.

Reading with your children is known to increase their love for books. You can read books out loud or enjoy reading your own book while they read theirs. No matter how you make this work, building a reading nook is a great way to encourage reading during the long winter months.


  1. Make Snow Ice Cream

Snow ice cream is a delicious treat that combines kitchen ingredients with freshly fallen snow. If the heavy snowfall is what pushed your family indoors, snow ice cream might be the perfect treat to bring everyone together inside.

There are lots of snow ice cream recipes, but most of them involve combining fresh snow with a combination of sugar, milk, vanilla extract, and salt. Just make sure the snowfall is deep enough for you to get dirt-free snow.


  1. Bake Cookies

There’s something especially comforting about warm cookies on a cold day. Take some time to bake some cookies as a family. Whether you create cookies from scratch or use pre-mixed cookie dough, your family will love whipping up these sweet treats.

Decorating sugar cookies is another fun activity to enjoy at home during the long winter months. Combine colored frosting and sprinkles to create an unlimited number of designs.



9. Indoor Snowball Fights

For an indoor snowball fight, have your kids create fake “snowballs” with white things found in your home. Use rolled-up socks or crumpled paper to make your own “snowballs.” You can also purchase specially fabricated snowballs for indoor snowball fights.

This is a great activity that lets your family enjoy the fun of winter without going out in the cold. Your kids will love throwing these “snowballs” at each other. Parents can join in to make this a whole house fun activity. Create teams and prepare your house for all-out war!


 10. Family Movie Night

An indoor activity doesn’t have to be complex to make it fun for the whole family. Have a family movie night to pass the time. Pick a movie everyone will enjoy, pop some popcorn, and sit down to watch the movie as a family.

If everyone is struggling to agree on a movie, have everyone write down their suggestions and put those ideas into a hat. Draw one for each movie night, working through everyone’s movie choice over the next couple of months.


 We hope this helps you and your family have fun this winter!


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